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Life Unscripted Photography bio picture

Life Unscripted Photography® ~ Your Life Is Art

My name is Melissa and I am the owner/photographer for Life Unscripted Photography® located in Troy, MI.  I am an On Location Photographer providing Custom Portrait Art to clients located in many areas.  Primarily, Oakland County and the Greater Metro Detroit area.

Whether it is in the comfort of  your own home or location of your choosing, our session together will be relaxed, enjoyable and stress free.  I love photographing smiles to frowns and everything in between.  The simplest moments are beautiful and worth capturing.  It is my goal to provide portraits that capture the spirit and true personality.

Your life is art.  Cherish it.  Celebrate it.  Document it.    


Holy Big!

Seriously?  When did these babies grow into big giant kids?  I swear, I just blinked and poof these two young men appeared.  I don’t often shoot portraits of my kids.  Sure I take tons of pictures, however, I don’t attempt the ever elusive portrait that often.   This time, my kids did not let me down.  Although it came at a price (insert major bribe here), they really came through for me.  I can’t wait to hang these on my walls!







Just for fun…

Lately, I have been taking some time to shoot for fun.  I had the opportunity to stroll along some pretty cool locations with these lovely ladies this past weekend while participating in a Photowalk.  I had a great time and find it really sparks creativity to shoot without boundaries.  Here are tons of images from the day!  I also included some “things” I photographed, although, I am decidedly not a “thing” photographer!  I’d much rather shoot people!8679101112










Earlier this year I took my 3rd annual trip to TX to visit my great friend and college roomie!  As always, I had so much fun visiting with her and her awesome family.  It is funny how, despite the passing of 20 years since we first met, our visits are just like old times.  The test of a true friendship is easily falling into step despite great distances and the passing of time.   Here are some of my favorite pics of her fantastic kiddos!  Thanks again V and L for indulging me!001




Dear Santa….

I have been a very good girl……

Kelly Moore is having her grand opening for her lovely new camera bags and I am in serious need of one!  Love it! (just in case hubby is reading – lol)

 screen-shot1 kelly moore

I love me some curls!

As a curly girl myself, you can understand why I am in love with this sweet 2 year old’s blond curls.  A-DOR-A-BLE!  We have so much in common - blue eyes, curls, and…ahem…natural blond hair.  (a girl can try)2345671